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How to choose Concrete

What is concrete? Put simply it is cement (often known as Portland Cement) mixed with water, fine aggregate (sand) or coarse aggregate (gravel or broken rocks) and sometimes different additives to speed or slow the curing and reinforce the concrete.

Concrete can be used in so many different ways and for so many different jobs at home, in building construction and national infrastructure projects. This can lead to confusion and ultimately ordering and using the wrong type / grade. At the end of the day, we at Concrete 247 will always be happy to talk to you about your requirement and ensure we deliver just what you need – just call us on 0330 223 3383 (it is only a local call charge).

There are many different grades / types /mixes of concrete. You may need a simple shed base or patio slab at home, footings for a house extension, kerb settings for a drive or roadway, lining a cellar to keep it dry or underpinning a building – all these need the correct grade of concrete to ensure the right composition and strength.

The varying correct composition and strength differentiates one grade from another. We at Concrete 247 mix the ratios of cement, water, aggregate and additives in our volumetric mixer on site to your exact requirements.

C7 / C8 / GEN0 Concrete

  • General applications commonly used in domestic and commercial projects.
  • Domestic foundations, blinding (isolating a structure from the soil below) and kerb bedding. GEN0 is a wet lean mix.

C10 / GEN1 Concrete

  • A very multi purpose mix widely used in the construction industry domestic and commercial projects.
  • Drainage, blinding, foundations for paving steps, patios, pathways, small walls, trench fill, non-structural mass concrete in non-aggressive ground applications, agricultural uses.

C15 / GEN2 Concrete

  • The construction industry’s preferred choice for house floors with no metal embedded and if there are no permanent coverings to be installed. Good for bases of conservatories and sheds. Also foundations for foundations of paving steps and small walls.

C20 / GEN3 Concrete

  • Used for lightweight foundations typically workshop and shed bases, internal floor slabs with no embedded metal.

C25 / ST2

  • Used more and more widely across commercial and domestic projects. Regularly used in foundations (including reinforced) and trench fill, groundwork, kerbing, bases for patios.

C35 / PAV2

  • For heavy duty use. Similar to C25 / PAV1 but for more demanding situations and commonly used in industrial and commercial use. Piling, beams, raft foundations, external slabs with high use from vehicles.


  • The most durable concrete for commercial use. Support and structural beams, foundations, footings, heavy agricultural use and roadworks.

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