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Ready-mixed concrete in Newbury

Concrete 247 is the company to trust for fast, effective concrete delivery in Newbury. Offering concrete delivery, screed delivery, building materials for delivery and aggregates for collection across Hampshire and the Surrey and Berkshire borders, Concrete 247 provides reliable services for domestic and commercial clients. 

At Concrete 247, we understand that ordering concrete can be a difficult task. Often, customers order too much or too little, which means wasting time and money. We have come up with an ingenious solution. Using innovative volumetric concrete mixers, we eliminate waste and provide cost-effective services for our clients. Rather than turning up at your home or business and pouring concrete from vast barrels, our lorries carry the aggregates required to mix concrete on-site. We create the perfect amount to ensure you don’t run out before you’ve finished the job and you’re not paying for concrete you won’t use. 

If you’re on the hunt for ready-mix concrete delivered in Newbury, you’ve come to the right place!

Domestic and commercial concrete delivery

We supply domestic and commercial clients with concrete, offering a seamless service, which takes the stress out of ordering concrete for a residential or commercial project. The way we work means that there’s no need for guesswork. Our specially designed lorries mix concrete on the spot to provide the exact quantity required. You won’t pay for extras that you won’t use and you won’t run short before you’ve completed the job. Our efficient system also prevents customers from ending up with piles of concrete that they have to shift. 

In addition to concrete delivery in Newbury, Concrete 247 also offers:

  • Screed delivery
  • Aggregate delivery
  • Muck away services

Ready to order? How it works

Concrete 247 specialises in ready-mix concrete delivery for clients in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. We have a simple, hassle-free process in place to make it quick and easy for our clients to access high-quality, affordable commercial and domestic concrete delivery services. It has never been easier to get the supplies you need for projects big and small. 

If you’re looking to place an order for domestic concrete in Newbury, or you’re searching for a reputable provider of commercial concrete in Newbury for your business, simply follow these steps:

Place your order

Use our handy guides to help you decide which type of concrete to order or get in touch with our friendly team if you need advice. You can then choose a location for delivery. Delivery fees apply. 

We deliver (in as little as 48 hours)

Once you have placed your order, we’ll set about getting everything in place to arrange delivery. We’ll provide you with updates to ensure that you know when to expect us. 

Choose how to pour

We offer two choices for our customers: we can either pump the concrete in for an extra fee, or you can use a barrow.

Pay per metre poured

You’ll pay per metre poured. All our customers only ever pay for the concrete we pour.

Our Concrete Calculator

One of the most common problems customers have when ordering concrete is knowing how much to order. If you have too much concrete, you’ll waste money on concrete you don’t need. If you don’t have enough, you’ll run out before you’ve finished the job. At Concrete 247, we believe in providing cost-effective solutions for our clients. We use volumetric concrete mixers and we also offer access to a useful online concrete calculator. 

To use the concrete calculator, all you have to do is enter some basic measurements and the calculator will do the hard work for you. If you have any questions, or you’re not sure how to utilise the tool, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is on hand to help. 

Concrete Laying Tips

We provide a wide range of services for domestic and commercial clients. One of the questions we get asked most commonly is ‘Which type of concrete is best?’ The answer varies according to the type of project and application. To help our customers, we’ve put together some fantastic how-to guides and useful, informative pages. If you need advice about a specific project, you can contact us at any time. Here are some tips to help you with popular building projects:

  • Patios

To create a patio that is strong and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing, it’s essential to ensure you have a solid base. For patio bases, we typically recommend either a C10 or C20 mix. 

  • Shed bases

In most cases, a C20 mix, which is designed for lightweight foundations, is ideal for shed bases. 

  • Driveways

Concrete is used widely for driveways in residential and commercial settings. It is a versatile option, which can be used independently or as a base for a decorative surface. We usually recommend a C25 mix. 

  • Footings and foundations

Footings support the foundations and prevent sinking. Foundations provide a solid base for building. For lightweight foundations, for example, sheds and workshops, a C20 mix is ideal. For heavier buildings, a C25 mix is an excellent option. 

At Concrete 247, we provide concrete for projects of all scales and types. If you need information about different types of concrete, or you’d like to read up on applications and how to use concrete, click here to see our handy ‘How to choose concrete’ guide and FAQs. We’ve also got some brilliant pages on our website, which are packed with tips and helpful hacks. Examples include ‘How to lay a garden patio’ and ‘How to lay a base for a hot tub.’ 

It is important to note that there are key differences between commercial and residential projects. We have an experienced, skilled, knowledgeable team available to take your calls or field questions if you need advice about choosing concrete for a domestic or commercial job. 

The Benefits of Volumetic Concrete

We are incredibly proud of our fleet of volumetric concrete mixers. These vehicles use cutting-edge technology to deliver concrete efficiently and affordably, providing incredible solutions for customers in Newbury and beyond. We operate in all weather conditions and our lorries can travel to any location. From car parks and building sites to driveways and back gardens, we’ve got you covered. 

Using volumetric concrete mixers offers an array of advantages, including:

  1. Fast, reliable delivery, come rain or shine
  2. Concrete mixed on-site to avoid waste
  3. Save money: you’ll only pay for the concrete we pour
  4. Scale up or down: we offer a flexible service to eliminate waste and prevent shortfalls

Why Choose Concrete 247

At Concrete 247, we strongly believe that we are the name to trust for concrete delivery in Newbury. If you’re looking for concrete for a job at home, or you need a supplier you can rely on for a business project, here are some excellent reasons to choose us:

  • We cater for all projects: no matter how big or small, we’ll deliver to your door!
  • Fuss-free concrete delivery: we have designed a simple, fuss-free process to take the stress out of ordering concrete
  • High-quality materials: we use the finest quality materials mixed to conform to BS 8500-2 standards
  • Reduce waste: we pour only what you need so you won’t have to pay to remove excess concrete.
  • Easy, hassle-free budgeting: we make budgeting easy. You’ll only pay for the concrete we pour. There are no hidden costs and no rounding charges. 
  • Experience: we have decades of experience in providing customers in Hampshire and beyond with a seamless concrete delivery service. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service as well as high-quality concrete. 

A Word about Newbury

Newbury is a beautiful, traditional market town nestled in the historic county of Berkshire. Newbury is famous for its racecourse and expansive network of nature trails, hikes and cycle paths. The town lies on the River Kennet and is approximately 50 miles from London and 15 miles from Reading.

How can I find out more about concrete delivery in Newbury?

Are you ready to start work on a new patio at home? Are you looking for advice about laying a new driveway? Do you need concrete for a project at your business premises? Whatever your needs and preferences, we’re confident that we can help! 

If you’d like to find out more about our concrete delivery services in Newbury, or you’re keen to get a quote for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. To get in touch, you can:

  • Get a quote online here
  • Give us a call on 01635 597 247
  • Request a callback here

Best price concrete delivered

You only pay for what we pour

Our concrete is only mixed when our trucks arrive at your door (they're called volumetric mixers), which means you only pay for what you need

No hidden costs

Ordered too much? Other firms charge heavily to remove even the smallest amount of excess concrete. We don't, saving you money

We only pour the proper stuff

We use quality building aggregates (specifically, conforming to BS 8500-2 standards)

Concrete Calculator

How much concrete do you need? Tap the measurements into our calculator.

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We're just what you need

Any sized project catered for

From home shed bases to trade industry for commercials projects

Quality materials

Quality materials mixed to conform to BS 8500-2 standards

You only pay for what we pour

Because we mix the right amount of concrete at your door, you get what you need without the waste

Take control of your costs

No rounding charges, minimise the cost of your waste

Learn more about our services

Concrete Delivery

Concrete delivery

Making light work of mixing concrete for your project

Concrete Delivery

Materials for your projects

We can organise delivery of aggregates across Hampshire

Aggregates Delivery
Muck Hire Grab Hire

Removing building rubble

Our skip-on-wheels can remove building and landscape waste

Muck Away
Concrete Pumping

Concrete where you need it

Makes concrete pouring a breeze in hard to reach locations

Concrete Pumping

We're very proud of our fleet of Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixer

This is a Concrete 247 Volumetric Concrete Mixer. It uses the latest in concrete mixing technology, controlled using a touchpad.

Filling our volumetric concrete mixer with raw materials

We load everything on-board at our depot in Southampton: cement, aggregate, sand and water. This is better than a bucket and spade!

Hilcon lorry in the snow

In all weathers, our team of friendly, professional drivers take pride in a good job.

Hilcon lorry on a building site

Whether the job is on a building site...

Hilcon lorry pouring concrete in a back garden

...or in someone's back garden!

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd, a business with decades of experience behind it in commercial concrete supply.

Hilcon's concrete is mixed on site offering flexibility, full control and drives down costs.

Our lorries and our team are the 'face' of the company on who we rely on to get to you on time and only leave your site when we have done what we said we would do.

You might have seen us driving around - next time, give us a wave!

About Concrete 247 & Hilcon

Hilcon Volumetric Concerete mixer pouring
Hilcon SUV

Choose the right concrete for your project

Here are some handy tips and tricks for starting your next project.


Before laying down your carefully designed patio you will need to ensure you have a solid foundation or base to take the top covering.

Typically for patio bases a C10 or C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Shed Bases

Shed bases are really footings and foundations combined and not requiring a massive strength due to the load from both the building and how the base (floor) is used.

Typically for sheds, a C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Concrete for driveways, in either domestic or commercial use, can be used for either a base for a decorative top covering or as the finished result.

Typically a C25 mix would be used –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Footings & Foundations

Footings are there to support the foundations of a building, domestic or commercial, and ensure the construction doesn’t sink into the ground it is built on.

Foundations are probably the most important part of any build and once laid blockwork and brickwork can often start 24 hours later.

Typically for lightweight foundations such as workshops and sheds a C20 mix would be used or C25 mix for more substantial buildings –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Used in both domestic and commercial situations screed is a thin layer of specially prepared concrete poured onto a concrete sub-base. It enables a smooth and level surface to be created that can later be covered with tiles, carpets or similar.

Related: See our Screed FAQ

Screed is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Screed is made from cement and fine sand for a fine mix, or cement and 6-10mm aggregate for industrial use.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

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