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Aggregates in Newbury

Whether you want delivery or collection, for aggregate supplies in Newbury, choose Concrete 247!

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Aggregate delivery and collection in Newbury

Whatever your aggregate needs in Newbury, the concrete professionals can help.

If you're busy on-site, we can bring the sand, ballast, shingle, or hardcore to you via our delivery service. Concrete 247 is located in Southampton, which means we can easily and quickly transport your aggregate order to Newbury and the surrounding areas.

However, if you'd rather collect your aggregate order from our yard, you'll find the journey will take less than an hour. Our helpful team will be on hand to assist you with loading via our onsite grabber, too, which makes the process fast and easy

You can't make concrete without the right mix of aggregates. Although finding high-quality sand, ballast, shingle, and hardcore at a reasonable price, in your location can be tricky. The good news is that if you are located in or around Newbury, concrete delivery professionals at Concrete 247 now offer high-quality aggregates directly to your site. Alternatively, you can choose to come to pick them up from our yard close to Newbury if you'd prefer.

Typical uses for aggregates

There are five main types of aggregate sand (Sharp and building), ballast, shingle and hardcore. They all have different consistencies and can be used in the following ways:

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand gets its name from the fact that it is rougher and more coarse, and so feels 'sharper' to the touch than other types of sand.  Sharp sand is general purpose and can be used in a wide range of applications including concrete, render, floor, screed, and laying pavement.

Building Sand

Building sand is a fine-grained, uniform material that is typically used to fill gaps and as a base layer for laying bricks, blocks, and tiles.

Building sand can be used in concrete to help strengthen and stabilize the mixture. It is typically finer than other types of aggregate, which helps it to fill any gaps or cracks in the concrete. Additionally, because building sand is uniform in size and shape, it helps to ensure that the concrete remains evenly mixed and free of lumps or pockets of air. As a result, building sand is often used in applications such as concrete floors, driveways, and foundations.

Please note that Sharp Sand or Building Sand should never be used for children's sandpits or play areas.


Ballast is a term used to describe loose stones or gravel that is best suited for use in railway tracks and roads.

Ballast is an important material in the construction of concrete surfaces, such as roads and railway tracks. It provides a sturdy base on which to build the concrete, helping to ensure that it will be durable and long-lasting. Ballast typically consists of small stones or gravel, which can help to improve drainage and reduce erosion over time.


Shingle aggregate is made up of a combination of crushed stone, gravel, and other natural materials.

Shingle is commonly used in the production of concrete, as it provides strength, durability, and increased resistance to water damage. It consists of a mixture of crushed stone and gravel that is mixed together with other natural materials such as sand or clay. This combination helps to reinforce the concrete and makes it ideal for use in heavy construction projects.

MOT Type 1 hardcore

MOT Type 1 hardcore is typically made from a combination of concrete and crushed stone or gravel. This material has many of the same properties as regular ballast, such as strength, durability, and water resistance. It is commonly used in the construction of roads, bridges, and other large-scale projects to provide a reliable base layer that will be able to withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, MOT Type 1 is often much cheaper than other types of ballast, making it a popular choice for many construction projects.

MOT Type 1 hardcore is typically used in the production of concrete for a variety of applications, including roads, bridges, and other large-scale projects. This material helps to strengthen and reinforce the concrete, making it more robust and resistant to water damage. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of ballast, making it ideal for use on construction projects that have a limited budget.

Choose Concrete 247 for all your aggregate supplies

If you are located in Newbury or the surrounding areas there are plenty of reasons to choose the concrete delivery professional at Concrete 247 to help with all your aggregate needs.

Easily reachable from Newbury via the M3 - Our easily accessible location on the M3 means we can make fast deliveries, to the Newbury area. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect your aggregate supplies from our Southampton-based yard which will take you under an hour to reach Newbury. (Something especially useful if work has ground to a halt and can't continue until you get the aggregate you need).

7 am opening time - Here at Concrete 247 we know that you're up with the lark each morning, and ready to get to work before most of the rest of the world has even had their coffee. That is why we make sure that we open at 7 am every morning, so our customers will never have to wait around to get access to the aggregate supplies they need.

High-quality materials - In construction material quality isn't just important, it can be a matter of life and death. That is why we only ever supply the highest quality aggregate to our customers.

Always reasonably priced - Even though we always supply quality aggregate, we always strive to keep our prices low. Whether you have it delivered or choose to collect it, you can always find great value for money aggregate at Concrete 247.
Our team of industry experts are always on hand to help you with queries and orders, so call us on 0330 223 3383, today.

About Newbury

Located in Berkshire, UK Newbury is a town steeped in history and architecture. Indeed, it is where you will find the Grade I listed stately home of Highclere Castle famous for its starring role in ITV's hit drama "Downton Abbey."
For nature lovers, the captivating Greenham Common where you can find beautiful wildlife and scenic walks is a must-visit. While football fans will enjoy games at Lambourn Sports Ground, which is home to Newbury F.C.

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