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Grab lorry in Whitchurch

Use our state of the art grab lorries to remove your excess concrete, top soil and other waste from your job in Whitchurch.

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Dealing with large quantities of concrete and landscape waste makes cleaning a construction site challenging. But thanks to expert muck away services, you no longer have to deal with the stress of moving concrete or getting rid of rubble and large quantities of landscape waste. 

What is Muck Away, and how do we do it?

Muck away is a service that involves removing and disposing of various waste materials generated from construction sites, demolition, excavation, and other activities. Muck typically refers to the soil, rubble, concrete, and other construction waste generated during building or renovation projects. Muck away services are typically provided by specialist companies with the equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently remove and dispose of this waste material. The waste is transported to licensed disposal sites, where it is either recycled, reused, or disposed of.

That's why you need to work with Concrete 247 if you need experts to clear your site efficiently and effectively without disruption. We are perfectly suited for all construction waste disposal. And we ensure that we handle each site, clearing responsibility safely, professionally and responsibly. 

How we do it

With the help of our grab services, we take responsibility for collecting and removing waste from your site. Our grab service consists of large trucks with hydraulic arms that can locate large quantities of rubble and waste concrete. Our specialised trucks then literally grab the waste to remove. But you shouldn'tshouldn't confuse this with skips, as our service isn'tisn't for household or general waste.

What we take away

Our Muck Away service handles site clearance projects. We can remove garden waste (including the soil), building rubble (including aggregate and concrete), and all landscaping waste. Every muck away lorry we have is 8-wheeled and can pick up to about 16 tonnes of concrete.

Why you need muck away

If you're handling any construction, demotion, or landscaping project and must clear large quantities of rubble, concrete, and landscape waste, it's best to work with an experienced Muck Away service provider. Here are a few ways Muck Away will help you.

  • To collect soil from foundation dig-outs
  • To provide a cost-effective way of clearing construction waste from the site.
  • To dispose of waste materials in compliance with environmental regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and fines.

Benefits of using us

Here are a few benefits of using Concrete 247

  • We are open from 7 am and operate across Hampshire, Thames Valley, and Surrey.
  • We deliver professional muck away in Whitchurch. And because of our years of expertise in the industry, we are trusted by the building trade.
  • We have cutting-edge grab lorries that can pick up and transport concrete, construction waste, and rubble in large quantities. The grab can reach those hard-to-reach areas to remove waste. It can even go over fences and obstacles to retrieve waste from another side. 
  • Each grab lorry features a digger arm on top of it, making it easy to pick up and transport concrete, rubble, and landscape waste.
  • We are licensed, and every muck away lorry we own has full insurance coverage. 
  • We save the risk of putting your back out trying to lift large amounts of waste. We also eliminate the stress of moving site waste in wheelbarrows.
  • We have the expertise to dispose of waste materials in compliance with environmental regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and fines.

About Whitchurch

Whitchurch is a small town located in Hampshire, England. It has a rich history dating back to the Roman era, situated on the River Test. It is home to several historic buildings, including the Grade II listed All Hallows Church. Today, Whitchurch is a thriving community with a range of local amenities. It also has good transport links to nearby towns and cities, making it a popular place to live for commuters. Whitchurch has seen some residential, industrial, and commercial development expansion in recent years. 

In terms of residential development, several new housing estates have been built on the outskirts of the town, including the popular Longmeadow development. Industrial development has also been on the rise, with the opening of the Whitchurch Business Park providing space for a range of businesses, including logistics companies and manufacturing firms. Additionally, the town has a good selection of independent shops and services. There has been some commercial development in the town centre, including the recent opening of a new supermarket.

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