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Concrete delivered in Tadley

Concrete 247 delivers ready mix concrete in Tadley

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Ready-mix concrete Tadley

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial concrete Tadley services, Concrete 247 is the only company you need. When buying concrete directly from our friendly and experienced experts, you aren’t only guaranteed to receive the highest quality aggregates and materials for your project. Better still, will be 100% certain to receive the right volume.

When using traditional domestic concrete Tadley services, you will find that companies arrive with concrete already made in big barrels. If you order too much, you could be left with a lot of waste. Conversely, not ordering enough will cause a delay and require you to order more concrete. With Concrete 247, those problems can be a problem of the past. 

Thanks to our innovative approach of using volumetric concrete delivery in Tadley, you no longer have to worry about making an accurate estimate of how much concrete is required. Instead, we will bring the aggregates (concrete mix) and water to any location within the RG26 postcode area before making the materials once we have arrived. No waste. No fuss. Maximum value.                    

When searching for ready-mix concrete delivered in Tadley or the surrounding areas, you can be sure that Concrete 247 will provide an even better solution that is both convenient and cost-effective. As a Hampshire-based company, we can get to your site fast. Whether you need a small amount of concrete for a home upgrade or large volumes for major construction work, no project is too big or small. Concrete delivery in Tadley is finally on your terms.

The Benefits of Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Volumetric concrete deliveries in Tadley have many advantages over traditional big-barrel ready-mix concrete delivery in Tadley services. Some of the most telling benefits include but are not limited to;

  • The exact right amount of concrete will be delivered to your property,
  • You will save money by reducing your waste,
  • You will have a positive impact on the environment by reducing your waste,
  • There is a chance to confirm that you have the right type of concrete before starting,
  • Concrete is fresh while you gain full control of the mixing process.

It should be noticed that quality control is also maintained by mixing the concrete on site. This is because you won’t have the threat of mixes becoming unworkable due to being stuck in traffic. Therefore, you can avoid the need to water down the mix further, which could potentially compromise its attributes. If nothing else, having full control over every aspect of the project will serve you well.

You can use our concrete calculator to the right of this page to work out how much concrete is needed but the fact you don’t have to make an accurate estimate in advance is truly a life-changing moment for any builder or DIY enthusiast.

Concrete Delivered in Tadley with Concrete 247

When opting for volumetric concrete delivery in Tadley, you also need to know that you’ve selected the best contractor. We are a team of experienced specialists and pride ourselves on working closely with clients from the very first interaction to ensure that all solutions meet the specification of your project. 

In short, you gain ready-mix concrete delivered in Tadley without the limitations of traditional material deliveries. The on-site mixing can be used for house builds, screed flooring, on-site commercial builds, and much more. As well as offering a highly professional service, we make the process more convenient than you ever imagined. It’s as easy as 1-2-3;

  • Make an order with a rough estimate of how much concrete may be needed so that we can be sure to bring enough of the aggregates and water.
  • We will deliver the materials to your property in as little as 48 hours, using a specialised truck that is sized to match your project in Tadley.
  • If required, we will pump the concrete for you using our piping system for a small cost. Alternatively, you can use a barrow yourself.

Meanwhile, an automated control system ensures that a continuous flow is established while material bins are steadily refilled by the mixer pouring systems. Even larger jobs can be completed with one to two volumetric mixers. Perfect. 

Commercial Concrete Supplier Tadley

While volumetric concrete is ideal for reducing financial waste and removing the frustration of underestimating your needs for a DIY project, the benefits are arguably even greater for commercial usage. Concrete 247 works with several jobbing builders and contractors in Tadley and the nearby areas, providing a quality service that is underpinned by working with premium-grade aggregates, supplied in the most cost-effective way.

As a builder, your demands for large volumes of concrete mean that working with a local volumetric concrete supplier could be the greatest way to transform your venture for the better. Time is money, which is why you simply cannot afford to fall victim to underestimating the amount of concrete needed for your project. On the other hand, if you are left with 10-20% of waste material on each project, it could cost you thousands of pounds each year.

Every business decision should be made with financial aspects in mind. In addition to deliveries in as little as 48 hours, we can pump the mixed concrete to where it is needed using our industrial big pipes for a small fee, which will save you the time and hassle of using a barrow to transport it. The fact we mix it for you saves your workers from this task too.

Either way, paying per metre poured will ensure you gain the best value for money time and time again. When looking for commercial concrete Tadley services, Concrete 247 is the obvious choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing requirement, get in touch today.

Concrete Delivery in Tadley and Beyond

When you need domestic concrete in Tadley, working with a local company like Concrete 247 is the best option by far. When living in the civil parish on the border of Hampshire and Berkshire, our experts will travel down the A340 and arrive at your RG26 property in a punctual manner. We also boast several state-of-the-art volumetric concrete trucks (see below to learn more) to provide the most practical and affordable solutions on the market. 

Tadley is a beautiful place to live and is blessed with a blend of tranquil daily life with easy access to many of the best attractions in both Hampshire and Berkshire. With many local houses built in the 1950s, however, there are plenty of projects that may require concrete. Whether it’s upgrading the garden with a hot tub base or fixing an external wall, Concrete 247 can determine the right type of concrete mix for the job before delivering the goods and preparing them so that you are ready to begin the work.

As well as delivering concrete to all locations in Tadley, we can deliver to the nearby villages of Aldermaston, Baughurst, Pamber Heath, Heath End, Bramley, Mortimer Common, and Silchester. Likewise, we can deliver and pour concrete in Basingstoke, Newbury and more.

Best price concrete delivered

You only pay for what we pour

Our concrete is only mixed when our trucks arrive at your door (they're called volumetric mixers), which means you only pay for what you need

No hidden costs

Ordered too much? Other firms charge heavily to remove even the smallest amount of excess concrete. We don't, saving you money

We only pour the proper stuff

We use quality building aggregates (specifically, conforming to BS 8500-2 standards)

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Quality materials mixed to conform to BS 8500-2 standards

You only pay for what we pour

Because we mix the right amount of concrete at your door, you get what you need without the waste

Take control of your costs

No rounding charges, minimise the cost of your waste

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Concrete delivery

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Concrete Delivery

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Concrete Pumping

We're very proud of our fleet of Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixer

This is a Concrete 247 Volumetric Concrete Mixer. It uses the latest in concrete mixing technology, controlled using a touchpad.

Filling our volumetric concrete mixer with raw materials

We load everything on-board at our depot in Southampton: cement, aggregate, sand and water. This is better than a bucket and spade!

Hilcon lorry in the snow

In all weathers, our team of friendly, professional drivers take pride in a good job.

Hilcon lorry on a building site

Whether the job is on a building site...

Hilcon lorry pouring concrete in a back garden

...or in someone's back garden!

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd, a business with decades of experience behind it in commercial concrete supply.

Hilcon's concrete is mixed on site offering flexibility, full control and drives down costs.

Our lorries and our team are the 'face' of the company on who we rely on to get to you on time and only leave your site when we have done what we said we would do.

You might have seen us driving around - next time, give us a wave!

About Concrete 247 & Hilcon

Hilcon Volumetric Concerete mixer pouring
Hilcon SUV

Choose the right concrete for your project

Here are some handy tips and tricks for starting your next project.


Before laying down your carefully designed patio you will need to ensure you have a solid foundation or base to take the top covering.

Typically for patio bases a C10 or C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Shed Bases

Shed bases are really footings and foundations combined and not requiring a massive strength due to the load from both the building and how the base (floor) is used.

Typically for sheds, a C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Concrete for driveways, in either domestic or commercial use, can be used for either a base for a decorative top covering or as the finished result.

Typically a C25 mix would be used –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Footings & Foundations

Footings are there to support the foundations of a building, domestic or commercial, and ensure the construction doesn’t sink into the ground it is built on.

Foundations are probably the most important part of any build and once laid blockwork and brickwork can often start 24 hours later.

Typically for lightweight foundations such as workshops and sheds a C20 mix would be used or C25 mix for more substantial buildings –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Used in both domestic and commercial situations screed is a thin layer of specially prepared concrete poured onto a concrete sub-base. It enables a smooth and level surface to be created that can later be covered with tiles, carpets or similar.

Related: See our Screed FAQ

Screed is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Screed is made from cement and fine sand for a fine mix, or cement and 6-10mm aggregate for industrial use.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

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