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Are you looking for someone to provide you with high-quality aggregate in Andover? Look no further than Concrete 247.

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Aggregates delivery service Andover

Simply call us on 01264 513 247 with what and how much aggregate you require, or simply for advice, and we will provide you with a price quote for delivery or collection of aggregate.

If you live in the Andover region and need aggregate, you have come to the perfect place. The headquarters of Concrete 247 are in Kingsworthy, Winchester, making it convenient for us to deliver to Andover or for you to come and pick up from us. We do not supply bags, but if you choose, we can put them on your flatbed truck.

What are aggregates?

Any particle substance is referred to as an "aggregate." Gravel, crushed stone, sand, slag, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates are all part of it. Aggregate can be natural, synthetic, or recycled. Aggregates comprise 60–80% of the concrete mix. They give concrete compressive strength and mass.

Aggregates in concrete are chosen based on how long they last, how strong they are, how easy they are to work with, and how well they can take finishes. For a good concrete mix, you need clean, hard, strong aggregates that haven't absorbed chemicals or been coated with clay or other fine materials that could cause concrete to break down.

What are the most popular applications for aggregates?

Construction of a building

Concrete is formed by blending aggregates, a cement-and-water mixture, and cement paste. One of the most important elements in concrete is aggregate. As a result, it is a substance that is crucial to the lives of millions of people, particularly if you are in the construction sector or require concrete for any other reason.


Crushed and recycled gravel and aggregates are commonly used as ballast and sub-base materials. The crushed stone and aggregates found on railroad tracks are used to attach the wooden crossties, keeping the rails in place and ensuring their safety. These materials can be found on railroad tracks. You can imagine how important it is to have aggregates that are of high quality and suited for the type of function being performed here.

The road systems

In the construction of primary roadways, a wide range of materials, particularly crushed and untreated gravel, is used. The stone is an essential component in the development of road networks since aggregates are used for the foundation, base, and surfacing layer.

Building and construction projects

Aggregates are required for the manufacturing of concrete, which is used in construction projects like bridges and tunnels. These projects, such as road systems, rely on aggregates to produce concrete. The combination of gravel and sand in the concrete gives it the ideal consistency, allowing it to be employed in a wide range of different construction components.


Some stones and aggregates, like those used in walls and other home improvements, are made mainly for their looks. In garden design, other kinds of ornamental stone are sometimes used to make very beautiful displays.

What are the different types of aggregates?

Crushed stone

As the name suggests, this is stone that has been mined and processed further into a finer grain. The production of crushed stone often takes place at quarries, where huge stones are broken down into smaller pieces by machines known as crushers. These fragments can then be used in various construction applications. Due to the fact that crushed stone is so long-lasting, it is ideal for use in projects with a more permanent nature, such as roads and structures.


Gravel is typically an aggregate that occurs naturally and has been loosened as a result of either the action of water or the collision of rocks.

When gravel is exposed to the elements, it eventually transforms into angular-shaped stone. Gravel is employed in places that see high foot traffic, such as roads and buildings, and even in the manufacturing of concrete.


Sand is a type of aggregate that is very fine,  and can be produced artificially or it can exist naturally. Sand is frequently used in the building industry because it gives materials like concrete, cement, and asphalt both strength and stability when combined with those components. Additionally, it is utilised as a base layer in order to supply a surface that is clean and uniform.

Why should you use Concrete 247 for your aggregates in Andover?

Quick and easy aggregates delivery in Andover

Low-cost deliveries within a 20-mile radius of our depot.   You can get it the same day, the next day, or whenever you choose.

Call and pick up at a time suitable for you

You can pick up aggregates in our Southampton yard in as little as 30 minutes to transport in your own van, truck, or trailer to your location. Remove them by hand or in your own construction bags.

Keep your costs down with flexible ordering

Purchase only what is absolutely essential. Choose the aggregates you want and the quantity needed, starting from a half-cubic metre.

For your convenience, we open at 7am.

We open at 7am, so you can pick up your order on your way to your first job of the day. We are conveniently located right off the M3 and are easily accessible.

About Andover

Andover is a town in the Test Valley district, the administrative and historic county of Hampshire, and England's Hampshire county. It is located about 14 miles to the northwest of Winchester and about 17 miles to the northeast of Salisbury. It is situated on the River Anton, which is a tributary of the Test River.

The region contains a significant number of ancient earthworks and tumuli. There, the Witan, which was the Anglo-Saxon national council, held its meetings. The earliest recorded charter for Andover was issued in the year 1175. In the 14th century, the town produced parchments and silk fabrics in addition to having a sheep fair, a woollen business, and an iron market.  It is now the hub of a significant agricultural district and is home to a number of agricultural-related businesses, including the production of watercress, wheat mills, timber yards, printing industries, and agricultural equipment and plastics.

As well as being an agricultural hotspot, it is also home to a Royal Air Force base, which is the largest employer in the area.

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