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Ready mix concrete Basingstoke

If you need to have ready-mix concrete delivered in Basingstoke, there are several key questions that must be asked before committing to any service. You need to know that you are getting value for money and will receive a concrete mix (aggregate) that satisfies BS 8500-2 regulations. Concrete 247 is the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial job.

The most common problem with traditional concrete delivery stems from estimating how much material is needed. Order too little and you will face avoidable delays or have an incomplete project. Conversely, though, ordering too much concrete for your project in Basingstoke leaves you with too much material, which signals a huge waste of money.

Guides on common projects like laying a patio in Basingstoke can point you in the right direction. Moreover, the calculator to the right of this page provides further support. Even so, it can be easy to order more than is necessary to avoid the fear of underestimating the project. Instead of a standard ready-mix solution, Concrete 247 delivers the aggregate and the water as separate items before mixing it on location.

This method, known as volumetric concrete delivery in Basingstoke, can be used to support any project in the RG21 area. Whether it's screed flooring, shed bases, driveways, or any other product that requires concrete, you can have 100% confidence in this method. By completing the mixing process on-site, you can be sure to pour only the required amount of concrete. This will deliver a range of benefits for the project as well as your bank balance. Whether it’s a small project or a large home build, you’ll never return to the traditional methods after you've tried this path. The future of concrete delivery in Basingstoke has arrived. From DIY enthusiasts to professional builders, Concrete 247 is the answer.

Volumetric Concrete Delivery In Basingstoke Explained

Volumetric concrete delivery essentially means that we’ll make the concrete on location rather than deliver it in the post-mix state. While you might not think that it makes much of a difference, the benefits are plentiful. Some of the most telling features include;

  • We only pour what’s needed and charge per metre,
  • Concrete mixes do not stiffen during transit or need further watering down,
  • There is no waste and any excess can be removed without charge or fuss,
  • Concrete can be pumped using our big pipes - if deemed necessary,
  • Pouring is made smooth by volumetric mixers.

The knowledge that you will have enough but not too much concrete is hugely important. Meanwhile, having fresh concrete that is mixed to the right ratio without needing extra water ensures that the project is supported by the best materials. Furthermore, having our experts mix, pour, and potentially transport the concrete can have a telling influence too. Crucially, you can be sure that this is the right service regardless of the project size.

Maintaining control over key issues like quantity, quality, and speed of pouring makes volumetric concrete the best form of ready-mix concrete delivered in Basingstoke by far. And Concrete 247 can unlock the full potential of this method, meaning a better result for you.

Understanding concrete grades and uses

We have a choice of different concrete grades, our experts are here to guide you with the right mix for commercial and domestic concrete requirements. We are one of the preferred concrete suppliers for C7, C10, C15, C20, C25, C35, and C40 concrete in Basingstoke for commercial and domestic applications:

  • Garage Base
  • Concrete Patio
  • Foundations
  • Structural Beams
  • Roadwork
  • House Build
  • Etc. 

We rely on our years of expertise and experience to ensure safe and timely delivery in as little as 48 hours to Basingstoke. 

We help you get prepared for the job how-to guides for DIY enthusiasts explain the equipment to use and empower you to tackle your next DIY project. Check out our guides on how to lay a hot tube base or a garden patio.

Still unsure? Check our guide on how to choose concrete for more information.

Order concrete online

Getting a quote and placing an order for your next project is simple, and it just takes 3 steps.

Step 1: Place Your Order - You can order online via our website or give us a call. We deliver in as little as 48 hours, so it’s a very swift concrete delivery service that’s perfect for a range of projects. You can choose to have it pumped via our big pipes for an extra fee or use a barrow, the choice is yours!

Step 2: Only Pay For What You Use - When we arrive at your location, we’ll begin the concrete mixing process. Our lorries carry all the aggregates needed to create concrete, so we mix it on the spot. From here, you will pay per metre poured, plus a delivery charge depending on your location. This guarantees you get as much concrete as needed for the job - no more or less. 

Step 3: Enjoy Your Concrete - After step two, you will have enough concrete to complete your job, meaning you can go away and make use of it. We’ll send you the bill after everything is taken care of. 

Commercial Concrete Services for Basingstoke Builders

As the largest town in Hampshire, we provide concrete to clients in Basingstoke on a daily basis. Whichever part of the town you live in, including near the River Loddon or the Hampshire Downs, Concrete 247 can provide a responsive service that guarantees satisfaction. This extends beyond domestic jobs to offer the best commercial concrete Basingstoke services for individual builders and construction companies alike.

Our local service and understanding of traffic hotspots help us provide a prompt service that allows your business to crack on with the project. This is further supported by our quick mixing, pouring, and pumping processes. It also saves your workers from needing to make any preparations themselves. Time is money, making this a valuable feature.

The pay per metre model can be thought of as an on-demand ready-mix concrete delivery in Basingstoke strategy that will ultimately translate to huge financial savings given the volume of projects you handle and the amount of concrete that’s needed. Better still, having this aspect of the venture under control allows you to place greater focus on other tasks.

A little about Basingstoke

The largest town in Hampshire, Basingstoke, is located 30 miles north-east of Southampton and 48 miles south-west of London. The Doomsday old market town expanded significantly during the mid-1960s as part of the London Overspill plan and then reached a new status by hosting the headquarters of several big companies including De La Rue, Sun Life Finance, and Motorola, reaching over 113,000 inhabitants. 

In addition to both domestic and commercial concrete services in Basingstoke, Concrete 247 helps customers throughout Hampshire and into Berkshire. This includes services in Andover, Eastleigh, Southampton, Totton, and several other towns. When you need a prompt and professional service for business or domestic jobs, we’re here to help.

Best price concrete delivered

You only pay for what we pour

Our concrete is only mixed when our trucks arrive at your door (they're called volumetric mixers), which means you only pay for what you need

No hidden costs

Ordered too much? Other firms charge heavily to remove even the smallest amount of excess concrete. We don't, saving you money

We only pour the proper stuff

We use quality building aggregates (specifically, conforming to BS 8500-2 standards)

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Quality materials mixed to conform to BS 8500-2 standards

You only pay for what we pour

Because we mix the right amount of concrete at your door, you get what you need without the waste

Take control of your costs

No rounding charges, minimise the cost of your waste

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Concrete Delivery

Concrete delivery

Making light work of mixing concrete for your project

Concrete Delivery

Materials for your projects

We can organise delivery of aggregates across Hampshire

Aggregates Delivery
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Removing building rubble

Our skip-on-wheels can remove building and landscape waste

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Concrete Pumping

Concrete where you need it

Makes concrete pouring a breeze in hard to reach locations

Concrete Pumping

We're very proud of our fleet of Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Hilcon Volumetric Concrete Mixer

This is a Concrete 247 Volumetric Concrete Mixer. It uses the latest in concrete mixing technology, controlled using a touchpad.

Filling our volumetric concrete mixer with raw materials

We load everything on-board at our depot in Southampton: cement, aggregate, sand and water. This is better than a bucket and spade!

Hilcon lorry in the snow

In all weathers, our team of friendly, professional drivers take pride in a good job.

Hilcon lorry on a building site

Whether the job is on a building site...

Hilcon lorry pouring concrete in a back garden

...or in someone's back garden!

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd, a business with decades of experience behind it in commercial concrete supply.

Hilcon's concrete is mixed on site offering flexibility, full control and drives down costs.

Our lorries and our team are the 'face' of the company on who we rely on to get to you on time and only leave your site when we have done what we said we would do.

You might have seen us driving around - next time, give us a wave!

About Concrete 247 & Hilcon

Hilcon Volumetric Concerete mixer pouring
Hilcon SUV

Choose the right concrete for your project

Here are some handy tips and tricks for starting your next project.


Before laying down your carefully designed patio you will need to ensure you have a solid foundation or base to take the top covering.

Typically for patio bases a C10 or C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Shed Bases

Shed bases are really footings and foundations combined and not requiring a massive strength due to the load from both the building and how the base (floor) is used.

Typically for sheds, a C20 mix would be used – if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Concrete for driveways, in either domestic or commercial use, can be used for either a base for a decorative top covering or as the finished result.

Typically a C25 mix would be used –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Footings & Foundations

Footings are there to support the foundations of a building, domestic or commercial, and ensure the construction doesn’t sink into the ground it is built on.

Foundations are probably the most important part of any build and once laid blockwork and brickwork can often start 24 hours later.

Typically for lightweight foundations such as workshops and sheds a C20 mix would be used or C25 mix for more substantial buildings –if you would like to read more about concrete mixes please see our Concrete FAQ.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.


Used in both domestic and commercial situations screed is a thin layer of specially prepared concrete poured onto a concrete sub-base. It enables a smooth and level surface to be created that can later be covered with tiles, carpets or similar.

Related: See our Screed FAQ

Screed is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

Screed is made from cement and fine sand for a fine mix, or cement and 6-10mm aggregate for industrial use.

Concrete is mixed on your site to your specification and quantity in Concrete247’s volumetric mixers.

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