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Aggregate delivery and collection in Salisbury

Here at Concrete 247, we specialise in concrete delivery. However, we always have our customers in mind, and its come to our attention that many of them struggle to get hold of the right materials like aggregates in an easy and convenient way. That is why we now offer aggregate delivery in Salisbury.

Alternatively, you may wish to collect from our Southampton-based site, located less than an hour away from Salisbury. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will even help you load your aggregate order onto your truck, with the assistance of our onsite grabber. All of this means you can expect your aggregate collections to be smooth, fast, and efficient, and you'll be on your way with the supplies you need in no time at all.

Uses for aggregates

There are five main types of aggregate used in the UK construction industry -  Sharp Sand, Building Sand, Ballast, Shingle and MOT Type 1 hardcore. Below you will find a rundown on what each type of aggregate is made from, and how they tend to be most commonly used.

Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand is one of the most popular types of aggregate in the UK. It's made up of finly crushed rock, which helps give it its sharp texture. Sharp sand is usually used as a base for laying concrete or rendering walls. Because it's so finely crushed, it also goes by the name Fine Sand.

Sharp sand can be mixed with cement to create mortar for laying bricks or shaping blocks, or it can be used as a base layer when pouring concrete slabs or walls. Because of its fine texture, sharp sand is also ideal for use in plastering applications.

Building Sand

Building sand is a type of sand that is commonly used in the construction industry. This hard-wearing material is typically made up of very fine, compact particles and comes in a range of different colours, depending on its composition.

Building sand is commonly used in the production of cement and concrete products, such as bricks, mortar, and grout. It plays an important role in strengthening these materials and helping them to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, building sand can be combined with other ingredients, such as water or aggregate, to create a wide range of different mixtures for use in construction projects. Whether it is used for laying a foundation, building walls, or paving a driveway, building sand has proven to be an essential component in the construction industry.

It is crucial to remember that neither Sharp Sand nor Building Sand are safe for children’s sandpits or play areas.


Ballast is a type of heavy, granular material that is used to provide stability and weight in construction and other applications. Common types of ballast include sand, gravel, crushed stone, or cinders. It is typically used in roads and railways to keep the tracks stable, as well as being an important component in buildings and other structures.

There are numerous examples of how ballast is used in the production of cement and concrete products. For example, it can be mixed with other materials to create a foundational base for buildings and roads, or it can be added to concrete mixtures to help increase their strength and durability. Additionally, ballast is sometimes used in road construction projects as a way to provide additional support and stability. Overall, there are many different applications for ballast in the construction industry, making it an important and versatile material.


Shingle consists of small, flat pieces of stone and other durable materials that are bonded together to create a strong, sturdy material. Shingle can be used for many different applications, including building foundations, driveways, roads, and more.

Shingle is commonly used in the production of cement and concrete products, such as paving stones, roofs, driveways, and foundation walls. It provides a strong, durable base for these structures that can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it helps to improve the strength and durability of these materials while reducing their weight.

MOT Type 1 hardcore

MOT Type 1 hardcore is a hard-wearing material made from small, durable particles of stone and other materials, making it ideal both for construction projects and as a base layer on driveways or roads.

MOT Type 1 hardcore is commonly used in the production of cement and concrete products, due to its strength and durability. It can be used as a base layer on driveways or roads to provide a strong foundation, or incorporated into cement or concrete mixes to add extra strength and stability.

Reasons to trust Concrete 247 for all your aggregate needs

Whether you collect it from our yard or get it delivered, concrete delivery professionals Concrete 247 are the best place to buy aggregate in Salisbury for the following reasons:

We offer aggregate at the best prices - Our prices are always reasonable at Concrete 247 because we understand that you have a duty to keep the cost of your project low.

We're conveniently positioned on the M3 - Our yard can be reached easily via the M3 which makes travelling to our site to pick up your aggregate order fast, and easy from Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

We're open from 7 am - Here at Concrete 247, we understand the construction industry, including how early work starts every morning. That is why we open at 7 am every morning, so you won't have to wait around for the aggregate supplies you need to continue your project. 

Quality is as important to us as it is to you - Using quality materials is a must in the construction industry because you want whatever you build to last. Fortunately, by choosing Concrete 247 to supply your aggregates you can feel safe in the knowledge that your aggregate is the highest quality around.

Get in contact on 0330 223 3383 today, to order your aggregate collection or delivery.

All about Salisbury

Salisbury is a city and borough in Wiltshire, England. It is the third-largest settlement in the county by population (100,656) and is also an industrial centre for textiles and brewing.

The city is located on the River Avon's edge of Salisbury Plain; about 10 miles (16 km) from Stonehenge along an ancient trackway used by the ancient British, Romans and Saxons. The early Iron Age settlement was established between 1300 BC and 800 BC with trade through the English Channel (then called the Solent Sea) via the Avon valley.

Salisbury is also home to Salisbury F.C. one of the most popular and successful football teams in the local area, with a long history of winning championships and competing at the top levels of regional and national competitions. The team is known for its strong offence and solid defence, supported by an experienced coaching staff that works hard to develop players' skills on and off the field

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