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Concrete pump hire in Eastleigh

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Concrete Pumping services in Eastleigh

When it comes to ready mixed concrete, Eastleigh is in very good hands; here at Concrete 247 we are your trusted concrete experts! Gone are the days of ordering too much or not quite enough concrete for your job… We at Concrete 247 mix the concrete for you on location to your requirements, so you’re guaranteed to get the exact amount that you need, and best of all, you’ll only pay for what is poured. We also have a concrete pump that can get the concrete to where you need it to go.

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What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is essentially a hose that passes concrete through, to allow it to get into hard to reach areas, such as over fences or through tight spaces.

Read our Concrete Pumps Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of concrete pumps?

Yes there are. The main two types are:

  • Line Pump - a hydraulic pump with a narrower chute that’s used to get through tight spaces, including through buildings, so the concrete can get to where it needs to be
  • Boom Pump - a hydraulic pump with a chute that has arms, with the intended purpose being to to lift the chute over heights, such as over fences, to get the concrete where it need to be

Why do I need a concrete pump?

You will need concrete pumps for larger projects where getting concrete to the desired area is not manageable by hand.

Read our Concrete Pumps Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply concrete too?

Yes, here at Concrete 247 we have ready-mixed concrete that can be delivered straight to your door. We can supply both concrete and the pumps together or separately, depending on your needs for the job.

Concrete Delivery in Eastleigh

More about our concrete pumping delivery

We pride ourselves on this service, as we know in the past people have pre-paid for concrete that they didn’t end up needing for a job, or they need more concrete and have to make another payment, which also costs time. By booking our service, our concrete delivery experts will mix the correct ratio and amount required meaning you only pay for what you use.

The method we use at Concrete 247 is one of the most cost-effective ways to purchase concrete and will also save you the worry of over-ordering. The concrete we use for your projects is of a very high standard and we are proud to be able to deliver a convenient and trustworthy service to the people of Eastleigh. You know when you search for ‘concrete delivery near me’ that Concrete 247 is the best choice to make.

We deliver concrete for a range of building projects both large and small; so if you’re working on a garage base, concrete patio, garden path or even large scale commercial building site we can provide the amount of concrete that you need. We supply for house builds, concrete driveways and many smaller jobs. Remember, no job is too small or too large.

Concrete Pumping in Eastleigh

Close to where the M3 and the M27 meet, Eastleigh is located between the two cities of Southampton and Winchester. Lying on the River Itchen, the town of Eastleigh is one of England’s premier chalk streams, which is popular for fly fishing and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Eastleigh is close to Southampton Airport and has mainline railways with direct links to London, which makes it a great commuting town.

Eastleigh is the hometown for Eastleigh F.C., who are the sole senior football team of the town. Known as The Spitfires, Eastleigh F.C. play for the National League at their home stadium, The Silverlake Stadium.

Eastleigh has seen a fast yet controlled expansion in residential, industrial and commercial development in the past few years. The borough of Eastleigh has previously been ranked the "9th best place to live in the UK" by a programme aired on Channel 4.

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This is a Concrete 247 Volumetric Concrete Mixer. It uses the latest in concrete mixing technology, controlled using a touchpad.

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We load everything on-board at our depot in Southampton: cement, aggregate, sand and water. This is better than a bucket and spade!

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In all weathers, our team of friendly, professional drivers take pride in a good job.

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Whether the job is on a building site...

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Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd

Concrete 247 is part of Hilcon Ltd, a business with decades of experience behind it in commercial concrete supply.

Hilcon's concrete is mixed on site offering flexibility, full control and drives down costs.

Our lorries and our team are the 'face' of the company on who we rely on to get to you on time and only leave your site when we have done what we said we would do.

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