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Concrete pump hire in Four Marks

Concrete pumps are used for pouring concrete, and they are faster, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional methods.

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Concrete Pumping Four Marks

If you live in Four Marks, you don’t need to look far to find a quality concrete pumping service. Concrete 247 is now operating in Four Marks with trusted concrete experts on hand to offer advice and ensure your concrete pouring project is delivered without a hitch. Get in touch today. 

Gone are the days when concrete was mixed for your location and then delivered; there are no more wheelbarrows and spades either, not with the latest concrete pumping technology available. At Concrete 247, we mix the concrete on-site to ensure there is little or no wastage. 

Not only do we ensure you have the exact amount of concrete needed for a project, but we only charge you for what you need, no more and no less. Using the latest concrete pumping technology, we can pour concrete anywhere. Call us on 01420 370 247 to find out more.  

Types of Concrete Pumps

In the past, concrete levels were estimated and mixed prior to delivery. On-site, the concrete was taken in wheelbarrows and put out with a spade. On some projects, this process is still, but it’s far more common to use pumping technology these days. There are two pumps available.   

Line Pump 

A line pump is a hydraulic pump with a narrow chute that’s used to access tight spaces inside buildings and residential properties. A line pump also has a flexible arm to help manoeuvre it in awkward spaces. Concrete 247 pours concrete for your project using a convenient line pump. 

Boom Pump

A boom pump is also a hydraulic pump with a chute. Hydraulic arms lift the pump over fences and walls and pour the concrete into patios, foundations, and roofs. A boom pump is the best option for residential properties or commercial buildings that need poured concrete at height. 

Why Use Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps are used for pouring concrete, and they are faster, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional methods. Concrete 247 mixes the concrete on-site to suit the requirements of the project; it is then poured efficiently using a line pump or a boom pump for accurate pouring. 

Some buildings are difficult to access for concrete treatments. A residential property might be surrounded by a fence, and a commercial property might lack access to the foundations or the roof area. Poor access is one of the main reasons people use concrete pumps for treatment. 

If you want to install a new patio in the garden but have a fence or wall blocking it, you need a boom pump that pours concrete easily from the roadside. And if you need a new concrete floor installed at any level, you need a line pump to pour the concrete evenly and accurately on-site.  

Why Use Concrete 247

Concrete 247 comprises a team of concrete experts with decades of experience in the industry. Whether you need advice on a current project or a concrete pouring service that delivers excellent results, you can find what you need at Concrete 247. Call us today for expert advice. 

Not only is Concrete 247 dedicated to providing high-quality concrete pouring services, but we are also located conveniently in the Four Marks area. Using a local service means you can rely on the hire cost and the quality of concrete pump hire in Four Marks and surrounding areas. 

Concrete 247 is available from 7 am to take your enquiries and bookings, so there is no wasted time in your project. We can talk to you about your project requirements and arrange the right concrete pump for the task. We mix your concrete on-site to prevent waste and reduce costs.

Concrete Pumping in Four Marks

Four marks is a village in East Hampshire, England. Four Marks is located on the road from Winchester to Canterbury and contains several medieval hamlets. The name Four Marks is derived from Old English and means border. The modern village appeared in the 19th Century.  

Four Marks might have a lot of history on its well-established foundations, but that doesn’t mean it’s resistant to change. Four Marks is a developing and expanding location in the last few years, with residential and commercial properties appearing. It’s a great time to live in Four Marks. 

Concrete pumps in Four Marks are available from Concrete 247. We provide boom pump hire in Four Marks, concrete pump hire in Four Marks, and concrete services in Four Marks. If you need mixed concrete and/or concrete pumps for a project, contact the Concrete 247 team today.  

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